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Aug. 8, 2017

This under-the-radar pose is taking over Instagram

"The plandid is a newer, hotter version of the selfie on Instagram."

I test-drove the Tesla Model 3 — and this car could change the world

This may very well be a tipping point moment that could change the course of history.

I love this Chrome extension that suspends browser tabs and makes my laptop run faster

The solution is a Google Chrome extension called The Great Suspender.

3 incredible eclipse expeditions throughout history that shaped modern science

Hopefully your trip is free of malaria, altitude sickness and 12-day boat rides!

These cameras are about to hitch a ride to space to hunt thousands of distant planets

Twinkle, twinkle, little star, how I wonder what's orbiting you.
June 28, 2017

Inside the dangerous operation to smuggle free information into North Korea

They use balloons, drones and networks of smugglers — who risk torture to bring flash drives into the DPRK.

How to stop autoplaying videos on Facebook and save your phone’s data

This should save you some data, battery life and peace of mind.

Treating your cancer with all-natural “alternative medicine” may double your risk of dying

Among at least one type of cancers, patients who chose alternative medicine increased their risk of dying more than five-fold.

The solar eclipse glasses you bought might be fake — here’s how to tell

How to keep your eyes safe, even if Amazon recalled your eclipse glasses.
Aug. 4, 2017

For these career eclipse chasers, Aug. 21 will truly be the event of a lifetime

"You have this feeling of zen-like oneness with the universe."

Google says it will not host domain name for neo-Nazi site ‘Daily Stormer’

Without a place to host its domain name, it is unclear what will become of the 'Daily Stormer.'

Here’s why the solar eclipse doesn’t move in the direction you think it should

We'll help you make sure you're facing the right direction so you can catch the very first glimpse of the eclipse.

The strange but true history of eclipse science — from 2137 BC into the future

4000 years of watching the sky have really paid off.

GoDaddy tells the ‘Daily Stormer’ it will no longer host the white supremacist site

The internet company decided the site's Charlottesville coverage violates its terms of service.
Aug. 12, 2017

Flat-Earth truthers think the upcoming August solar eclipse will prove the Earth is flat

To many conspiracy theorists, the Aug. 21 event is evidence the world isn't round. Here's what they told us.

A silent 10-minute song is skyrocketing up the iTunes charts

It's "A a a a a Very Good Song."

Astrologists tell us how to get high and make the most of the total solar eclipse

Want the best possible spiritual experience? Here are the drugs you should and shouldn’t do.

Goldfish brew booze to stay alive in freezing winter water

It's the first known example of fermentation by an animal with a backbone.

Gmail inbox full? Here’s how to delete old messages and clear up space in under a minute.

Now you’re free to ignore your emails in peace.