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Aug. 15, 2017

My mother's mental illness was a tragedy, not a video game narrative device

Ninja Theory's new game, 'Hellblade,' ultimately ends up using mental illness as as plot device.

Popular ‘Overwatch’ streamers are ditching the game for a new competitor — here's why

'Overwatch' is going through a rough patch right now as popular YouTubers and streamers abandon it for 'PUBG.'

Tensions boil over at GeekGirlCon, leading key team members to quit

Here's what you need to know about the staff resignations that rocked GeekGirlCon earlier this month.

‘Observer’ serves up body horror, existential philosophy and cyberpunk aesthetic in one of the best games of the year so far

Is 'Observer,' Bloober Team's second outing, the cyberpunk game of the year? Our review.

The best ‘Sonic’ game in years is mostly just a remake — and that's a shame

'Sonic Mania' new game offers some of Sonic’s finest hour in many years, but it still falls into some obvious traps that hold it back from its potential.
Aug. 14, 2017

‘Wolfenstein 2’ needs to take a painfully realistic look at American racism to succeed

After playing through 'Old Blood,' I’m a little worried that 'Wolfenstein 2' may be too fantastical to say anything meaningful about the the modern day Nazis all around us.

‘Dream Daddy’ has a problem with bisexual representation — and its name is Joseph

'Dream Daddy' gets a lot right, but it still falls back on the dangerous trope of the duplicitous bisexual.

Porn bots are starting to target console gamers — and it's a bigger problem than you think

There are a number of porn bot scams out there — and one has hit both PSN and XBL.

'NBA 2K18' shows some love for hoops history with 16 classic teams

The 'NBA 2K' series continues to pay homage to ballers from the past.

These 'Sonic Mania' easter eggs will have you spinning in circles

What are some of the coolest Easter Eggs in 'Sonic Mania?' Check our findings out!
Aug. 16, 2017

'D&D Beyond' is a window back into the world of Dungeons & Dragons, but the price might prevent it from opening

Is Wizards of the Coast's new service better than the unofficial ones people have been using for years?

PewDiePie says he’ll stop making Nazi jokes after the violent events in Charlottesville, Virginia

Given PewDiePie's apparent fondness for right-wing politics, it's not clear whether it'll stick.

Are the new 'Overwatch' Summer Game Skins fun in the sun, or burnt to a crisp? The Multiplayer staff weighs in.

Join us as we toot or boot every new 'Overwatch' Summer Games skin.

Are Nintendo Switch owners who want the regular version of 'Sonic Mania' in physical form out of luck?

Could we see a Nintendo Switch physical edition of 'Sonic Mania'? It's certainly a possibility.

The PS4 trophies for 'Undertale' are underwhelming, but only because of its unique game design

'Undertale' on PlayStation 4 does feature trophies, but don't expect them to be awarded for reaching specific gameplay milestones. Here's why.
Aug. 16, 2017

One of the greatest ‘Simpsons’ jokes is a video game meme in its own right

From 'Pokémon' to 'Overwatch,' Stupid Sexy Flanders is the meme that keeps on giving.

Your 'Sims 4' toddlers are about to have everything they could ever dream of

Practice being a better parent in 'The Sims 4' Toddler Stuff.

'Pokémon Go' players find a clever new trick for catching shiny Pikachu

There may be a way to increase your chances of finding a shiny Pikachu in 'Pokémon Go.'

We still don't know who the newest 'Arms' DLC fighter is — but we've got hints

Who's the new 'Arms' character coming to Switch?

This new video game for dog lovers is all about avoiding people at a party and petting pups instead

As if that was any different from our everyday reality.